28 February 2011

Hoki Fish

What is “Hoki Fish” ??? How it look like ????

I just this unknown fish as dinner… hehehehe…..

2011-02-28 20.13.27

As usually, bought the package without reading how to prepare the dish… found out just need to leave it inside microwave for 3.5mins and ready to consume BUT this also mean…. maybe have strong fishy smell…

And the answer is…. YES… fishy and I don’t really like it. The pack came with 2 fillets in different pack. The remain fillet will come handy when I am not in the mood to cook Winking smile


Ray said...

Uncle I think all fish in the bag is fishy. I've tried before. should go for option with strong sauce .....garlic

Funny pictures said...

It is very good information. Thanks for sharing.