20 February 2011

Devilled Sausages

Bought these chicken sausage since few days ago with intention to cook using the recipe pack. Keep on holding it back because I am not sure how it will taste like… sausage normally fries or BBQ….. cook ? Sound strange to me.

2011-02-20 13.25.36

Dug out the above pack from freezer compartment when I made up my mind to lunch at home. So there I go…. another experiment using fire to burn food.

First, fried the sausage in oil till brown (I read the instruction 3 times)

Than drain off the oil and add in onion + apple (oh !! Great deal, I have many old green apple in fridge to utilise)

Finally pour in  1 cup of water together with the pack of recipe and some tomato sauce..

After 10mins cover the wok, time to see how the finishing dish look like !

2011-02-20 13.50.18

No sign of burn food, something positive to me. In fact this is the first time I need to cook which involved a few different steps (usually just meat, recipe, stir, cover to let it boil than time to eat)

The look may not be special but it do taste good. The recipe have the sweet n sour flavour. Like it.

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Marginalia said...

Looks fiendishly unhealthy to me,