04 February 2011

1M – Day 7

Spent most of my time at relative place on 2nd day of CNY. Home cooking plus lot of tid bit, mandarin orange, poke my smartphone screen on Angry Bird, play with Joshua and Jonathan etc

oh ya.. this is Jonathan… my little baby boy who glue to me for most of the time.

2011-02-03 13.46.08

Forget to take the photo of the special noodle breakfast I had this morning and lunch…. mmmm… just normal dishes…. so not going to blog about them too.

Was on the air heading back to capital city after 7pm…. 1/2 hr before arrive started to think of dinner…. since it going to be after 10pm after unload luggage at home… the best place to settle my stomach is the 24 hrs nasi lemak near Summit.

 2011-02-04 21.51.06

A little bit worry about the quality of the foods since upon arrived saw some changes in the set store set up. More neat and proper counter. Ordered above plate of nasi lemak…. mmmmm….. the strength of this store are the chilly which is have  a nice sweet taste and it peanut which is crunchy.

Good news, I enjoy this late dinner very much.   

2011-02-04 22.03.00

Also got myself a cup of cold bandung to wash down the nice coconut milk applied on the rice. Now I am having evil full with oil and fat meal again ! Confused smile

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