03 February 2011

1M – Day 6

Day 6  was the 1st day of Lunar New Year… this mean having meal at home + lot of tit bit.  Breakfast and lunch were traditional home cooked at home so nothing to show (actually I am too busy getting ready to fill up my stomach until I totally to flash my camera)

Come afternoon, have a joy ride out to the city… along the way saw this desert house named Kak Nong which famous for local dessert, request my local lady driver to stop there for me to enjoy the sweet stuffs.

1st I grabbed 2 packs of cake.. Ondeh Ondeh & Kosui. 


 Taste OK (since I have not having this type of cake for ages)

 Than came the icy sweet desert. Icy mixed fruits & Brown Sugar Chendol for my mates


……and the king of dessert from this part of the world… ABC !!!! Surprised smile 


According to my guide, the size of my ABC had shrunk so much compare to years ago. Luckily the taste of this dessert still good… understood they had included about 15 types of various fruits mixture at the bottom of the cup. Open-mouthed smile

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