26 January 2011

What a flowers

D, this one especially prepare for u….. since you appreciate the exotic flowers Winking smile

2011-01-25 13.40.36

I had been taking note of this very unique plant from far for many weeks as this house located on one of the route I walk home after work. Never made the effort to get closer because have to get across the road if I want to have a good inspection on them, lazy mah Smile with tongue out However I did so on yesterday afternoon and I think worth my effort.

2011-01-25 13.40.20

They really look different and special when I zoom in my photo… However, they just look like another ordinary plant with flowers if you see them from far… just like the next photo.

2011-01-25 13.40.04

Lastly, about this house…. mmm… the garden for planting is not that big BUT this smart person just good in utilised the space… look at how he/she fully occupied the the floor with all type of plants. Most of the flowers are pretty and fully blossom but I not dare to stand too long at the fence snap snap snap… not a tourist attraction spot mah Embarrassed smile 

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