26 January 2011

Australia Day


26 January is Australia Day (national day) Party smile Note Birthday cake hey…. Happy Australia Day…. me for sure happy here Thumbs up bcos it is a public holiday. Shake legs at home instead of be a busy bee.

Just like the rest of the world, national day usually come with lot of public function. Checked news on TV just now, lot of itinerary in major cities but only suitable for kids and order generation….. The only program stood out to me on the screen is “Citizenship Ceremonies” Most of the cities insert this program at the early morning,  Google the definition of this words and this was what I found :

The final step in the journey to become an Australian citizen, for most people, is to make the Pledge of Commitment at a citizenship ceremony. Citizenship ceremonies are special events. They fulfil requirements under Australian citizenship law. They also provide an important opportunity to officially welcome new citizens as full members of the Australian community. They are often an emotional experience for the new citizen, as well as their host and guests

Surprised smile Wow…. This country really give face to new comer,  they make sure those who entitle new citizenship have chance to show face at such a big day on stage ! GOOD !

Wattle Acacia pycnantha

This yellow colour balls shape flower is Wattle.

When I thought of making this blog on yesterday, I reliased that I have no idea what is the national flower of Australia… lucky I got a smart Aussie gals, Gracy who provided me the answer after a quick SMS. I have never see this flower on the street so far… pretty right ? Like the round shape… I determine to look for the real plant and snap snap some photos in coming day.

As for today, I think I will go out the city on afternoon. My ex-flat mate text me saying they going to have BBQ on rooftop after 4pm…. miss them, the funny bunch of REAL friendly Aussie. Time to meet up and have a drink or two… Smile with tongue out

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