01 January 2011

Welcome 2011 Aussie way

I am in 2011 now… another new year… another new day…

Was out into the city after 7pm…. the media boost so much on the program for this year countdown. Among them is the firework in the city centre… should be one of the biggest. Therefore, uncle die die also must go down city to experience the party. 

Did my survey on the best location to view the display.. which was at the river bank opposite the city. The event volunteer told me the firecracker will be launch out from building top. Old man fall asleep for a short moment while waiting for midnight.

Once the countdown number appeared on big screen, camera out and snap snap snap… I picked 2 of them to share with you here Winking smile 

2011-01-01 00.05.49

Most of the launching site could be view by my location. However, there was another launching point behind me which I totally give it a miss. Just enjoy the front view will do…

2011-01-01 00.00.12

Next will be some photos of what happen with some of the peoples in this city while waiting for the countdown…

First, the organiser setup a large stage to carry out live performance at Federal Square.

2010-12-31 21.57.30

I never stay too long here come too many peoples…

For those who can afford some extra $$ for fun, they would jump into a big boat which convert into disco room (normal a tourist boat) Loud music and sexy boys and girls filled up the boat…. they screamed at those poor guys who admire them from the river bank.

2010-12-31 23.13.48

The crowd were huge and the good thing was all follow the order. No worry about fighting kind of crazy incident.

2010-12-31 21.44.20

However, I dare to say that more than 50% of these peoples are either tourist or immigrants. Could easily pick up their the feature and language.

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Anonymous said...

Great! Melbourne not so hot on fireworks. I saw Sydney,New York & London booming out fantastic displays. Sui