31 December 2010

Pancake morning

The last morning of 2010…. mmm…. what to start with ? What about having home made pancake ?

This was my 2nd attempted in making this breakfast. 1st time ok but spent lot of time on it cos I cooked small diameter cake.

As for today, confidence rose so pour more flour onto the pan…. this was the side before I flip it around…. 

2010-12-31 08.10.38

After 5-7mins waiting… I turned to the other side…. mmm… always get stimulated… ooop… should said excited with this smoother side of the cake….. the other side look more like my face, so many holes…

2010-12-31 08.13.56

Top up with lot of maple syrup and there i go…. healthy breakfast for today.

Oh ya.. this was how the raw material of pancake….

2010-12-31 08.50.01

Came in bottle design… add in water.. shake shake and ready to use..

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Anonymous said...

Nice. I like pancake & waffles..top it with honey or ice-cream...yummy. Sui