23 January 2011

Towers of Midnight

The Wheel of Time – Book 13 is on the bookshelf now !! Surprised smile

2011-01-22 13.46.04

I gone speechless for a few secs before I grabbed this 843pg novel and ran to Borders counter to pay. Ya ya… like really got people want fight with me for this thick book oh Smile with tongue out

Now problem time… need to divide my free time chasing drama series & read this science fiction. TIME NOT ENOUGH leh 

The good thing is this is the final instalment for this epic story. If I am not mistaken, I started Book 1 more than 8yrs ago…. Patient !

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Anonymous said...

hey, u time not enough..I worst lor. I chasing Dirty Sexy Money, then still hv Good HseWife, then still got HK drama...pssse(x2) , dun introduce me book to read although I love READING. Sui