22 January 2011

Lord of the Fries

This was what I got from Lord of The Fries. Guest what kept under this nicely printed wrapping paper ?

2011-01-22 12.56.14

Is this lar…. a burger !

2011-01-22 12.57.17

Today was the 1st time I give face to Lord of The Fries by had lunch at this fast-food outlet. The burger ok… like the bun though, thick layer instead of McDonald style which cramp till so thin.

However, the main attraction from this outlet should be the fries which I shown below !

2011-01-22 12.56.07

The VERY stupid me did TWO mistakes when placed order.

1st mistake =>  I upsize my fries which not necessary cos the small size already more than enough for 1 person. Can u believe it that i only have about 1/3 of above amount ?Baring teeth smile 

2nd mistake => the gal asked me what sauce I want for the fries and I asked for something spicy. So there come Vietnamese style sauce which was not spicy but very very creamy. Yuck !!!


Anonymous said...

oh no...too much fries for yr stomach. no gd, no gd. They dun packet sauce separately? Sui

Anonymous said...

they applied the sauce b4 serve.... order time hv to decide what sauce to add on