03 January 2011

Raising Hope


These are the family members of Hope (the baby girl in the picture) and they are my favourite family from TV in recent weeks.

I have not follow US comedy series (30mins show) since “Fried” (too busy with more serious drama like CSI, Heroes, Fringe, The Event etc) .. it mean more than 10yrs not liking any of those famous series but Raising Hope caught my interest since the 1st episode. 


Hope is a cute baby girl which gave birth by a fun (or crazy) dead sentence mum after one night encounter with Jimmy (the stony face but fun young man in the photo)

Jimmy determine to raise Hope into a good person with the help of his totally crazy but kind parent + a senile great grand mother (she is one of the main funny character of this show which made me laugh like mad)

raising hope

More peoples should tune into this lovely comedy and get their mind relax by the humour … too much reality shows or investigation series no good for brain Nyah-Nyah 


Anonymous said...

I wanna see it too leh. The baby HOPE is so cute (her facial expression)...plus senile grandma...quite laff like mad. I love tis type of comedy. Wah, tis baby girl smart leh, so young earn AUD dollars for their parents!!Sui

Anonymous said...

Sui, tis is US show la... U can download it easily thru Vuze