02 January 2011

More Countdown

Come every year end we peoples get ourselves busy countdown task. First we did Xmas Eve stuff.. than come New Year Eve….


As for today, most of us already dutifully committed the above 2 tasks and started to ready for another 11 months of day in day out working life…

However, this not really happen to me right now (and of cause with some of my buddies)  because we already started another countdown….

Another 32 days to go…. come Lunar Chinese New Year… the Rabbit Year is not far from us now….. tick tok tick tok….


Surely I am in the countdown mood now because this is the first time I have to travel for more than 8hrs (by air) in order to get my arse back to celebrate the Rabbit year with my love one…. The longest journey I need to travel before this year was about 3 hours (by road) when I made my pilgrim from LionLand to home more than 10yrs ago. 

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