16 January 2011

Fried Bread with Eggs

Weekend morning always a good chance to spend some extra time to prepare a slightly different breakfast.

Got 4 eggs remain from last week buy… mmmm… lets finish it so I can get fresh pack on my next groceries outing…

Fried bread cover with egg is a good option as the bread suck in lot of egg when soak.

2011-01-16 08.39.24

At kid time, mum like to prepare this bf for us…. we usually add in some fine sugar and bite….

As for today, I applied maple syrup (from pancake) on it…. mm… not really that great….

One negative note about this bf…. IT retain lot of oil in the bread… should not have it as regular bf as it is not good for health Sad smile 

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Anonymous said...

ah..we call it french toast. True, too oily,,cant consume daily. But if you use virginia olive oil, then u can worry less. hehehe. Sui