15 January 2011


Already spent  more than 10 months in this country and thought I already learn enough basic understanding about the country and the people.

My general idea about the people are friendly, easy going, generous, never shy to give donation, loved outdoor activities etc . I also have the thinking of the people here love to party all night long, dress-up extreme nice for special event, drive fast and nice vehicle, lot of drinking and enjoy good food. I would not mention those negative impression as they are only a small percentage of people who contributed to this bad images. 

However, the massive flood which Queenslander suffering on last 2 weeks do give me a brand new understanding on how the people do their things in this awesome country.

This were some of the scenes I viewed thru local TV on last 2 weeks…


When the water level going up, rescue workers and government executed a very efficiency method to relocated the victims to safer area. 

queensland flood4-saidaonline

Cannot believe that the water could raised till roof level over the night and the area of land go under the muddy water. The dead toll were slightly above 10 peoples but the lost on property beyond words.

Than the water started to go down and a brand new imaging pop up on TV screen…..


Tons and tons of debris stuck at every corner. How the local going to handle the aftermath Confused smile

I was totally speechless when I saw on news volunteers from those unaffected area just pop up at the affected zone and get on to do the cleaning.


What amaze me was nobody really organise or call for this action… they just turn up… not only the body BUT they came with cleaning tools. Kids were on the site and some brought foods along to share.


The incoming of volunteers was so overwhelming until they choked the streets at the first day. Local authority came into action again, buses were organised and volunteers was dropped at area needed (instead of just randomly walk in and help)  


In the past I never thought of such no condition way of helping peoples in need (to me throw a few coins in the donation box will do) but after last 2 days exposure I am totally believe in it and going to embrace this awesome way of living. Smile with tongue out


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Australia! How long have you been here and where from?

Anonymous said...

Hi Anita, am fm a place I nickname it as BolehLand... being here less than 1 yr.

Anonymous said...

yes, Brisbane also affected. Very terrible floods.

Great! Aussie residents! so united & co-operative. This is really helpful w/out expecting anything in return.

Did the government authority derive any measures to prevent future floods? Sui