26 February 2013

A Dust Pan !!!

To continue blogging or stop forever ?

This is the question ongoing popping up in my mind since I stop posting all my rubbish information. At time I feel kind of empty without having fun here but I also found more time to do my other stuffs if I stop blogging.

I have no conclusion yet on continue my regular posting but at least told myself it’s alright to occasionally drop in for a blog or two.

So today I have something exciting to post…… nothing other than a dust pan.

Wow….. seriously I need to use Dust pan as an excuse to start a  blog ? hehehe… yes…. look at this new accessories of mine !


It took me more than 2 wks to found this blue cutie. The main feature I need is the open/close ability lid so the dirt will not fly all over the place when I move in the room.

I did came across another similar design but it cost 50% more. Above set only $9.99. Inexpensive UNTIL you convert it into RM… excuse me…. a plastic stuff which cost RM 30+

So why need to convert to RM ???  Nah… this is the reason why I blog about my new dust pan !!!!


#$!@#$  the feeling is kind of mix when I realised that I just bought something from BolehLand….. at that price !! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr


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