19 November 2012

X-Factor Australia 2012 Grand Final

Finally got over with the last 2 hours performance episode of X-Factor 2012 (I lost count of the no of hours I used to watch this reality show by now). Also casted the precious ONE vote of mine through Facebook for the singer I want her to win in the competition (but I know the chance are not so high)


Yes… Samantha Jade is the one I choose to support. It is very hard for her to compete with the cute boy band, Collective which got all the support of little girls so I believe no chance for her to be the ultimate winner.


So the fever of X-Factor Australia 2012 is not over yet for me as I have to get ready for another 2 hours result show in less than 20hrs time. After this than I can officially end my marathon with this show until 2013.

What a drama uncle !

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