24 October 2012


I have not blog on new TV series for very long time. Too many good series in KoalaLand tv station… watch till no day no night….. so no time to blog too. Something about SCANDAL, the latest new series which hit me like a tornado on it very pilot episode. A WOW factor there and it make me want to shout out loud here that I love SCANDAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ABP-8201 Scandal KeyArt.indd

No pretty lady or handsome guy. Just a few actors who I don’t really know them from regular Hollywood products. In fact I do not have high expectation on this series when the station preview it 1mth ago.

However, 10mins into the first episode… I know I am a fan. Not a law story… not a comedy… not a police investigation or hospital drama. The producers came out with some new format… which I don’t think really possible to be in real life. Story progress in supersonic speed and twist here twist there…. like it big time.

Put aside the story….another surprise to me for this show is the lead actress is a black lady… mmm… not super pretty or famous. Just a very nice lady.


mmm…. not sure what else to add in as I only watched 1 ep…. but for those who like series drama (Homeland for example) than DON’T miss out SCANDAL !

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