27 September 2012

To Proud or not to Proud ???

As guy from Bolehland, one of the exciting part when doing groceries in local supermarket is when get to cooking oil section. Olive oil product would be made in KoalaLand but lot of other oil like peanut, vegetable oil would be made in BolehLand (I think packed in more suitable because canola where can grown in 1M right ?)

So here go the story. 2 days ago shop for cooking oil and decided to pick the 1M label bottle…. Proud of my country mah… SUPPORT !

So when time to cook….. tried to open the cap lar….. here pull pull.. there tarik tarik….. no respond oh ! Than began to TL…. PULLLLL harder….. what happened was…..


YES….. the puller broke ! PUTUS ! Alamak… like that also can ! Shameful or not ? Lucky no Aussie present around me… else don’t know where to hide my head ! What to do, next 5 mins busy poking the cover with knife… fork and finally get the top open…. now my bottle look so ugly. Lucky the oil still can use…. hehehehe


Anonymous said...

1M produce malu packaging!! stil dare export to AU. aiyo! write in complain lar. & yo, buy canola oil lar. AU has vast fields for growing canola plants. more healthy for yr uncle body.hehehe.sui

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