25 September 2012

Angry Birds Space – Utopia…. bonus level

No Angry Birds blog from me for a long while, more than 3 mths. I have not stop playing with my birdy yet, just happened I don’t play till no day no night like last time. The most one game a day (to achieve 3 stars status) and I focus on Angry Birds Space which have more interesting layout and tougher design to get maximum point.

Was stuck at Utopia chapter final challenge which is a bonus level… no birds to throw but just white eggs.


For more than one week, after hours of attempted I only can get 2 stars…. mmmm…. a few times I go YouTube to search cheat or walkthrough where some expert put up video on how to score 3 stars. Still no way to get 3 stars.

Last night decided to Google again in YouTube and this time I realised I get the wrong guide because previous clip was not the good way for 3 stars. So for those who desperate for 3 stars on this damn challenging level, you better stick to below YouTube as it’s the better to achieve your goal. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ooi. yr tom little brain not clever enough. need cheat twice somemore. kakaka sui :(-