02 September 2012

Digital Radio DAB+

Digital Radio launched in Australia during mid 2009. I was very excited with the idea of crystal clear music promised by system but not willing to pocket out $200+ for a small radio.

Early this year, a few model began to drop price below $100 and still the stingy me reluctant to part with my $$$…. until last week when I saw on flyer that one of the good brand, PURE have super offer… 1/2 price. No more waiting, I have one with me by Sunday afternoon.


Very simple design but once I get it ON button activated… nah… all the magical features pop out. Auto clock display the exact time of the day. All stations captured by the radio. Just touch here push there to switch station and of cause the music out from the little speaker really clear. I mean loud and clear without noise. Awesome !

However, I only can listen to the my new digital radio while have the power cable connected to the powerpoint BECAUSE I never read the fine printed on the box !!!!!


Hehehehe… the package came with RADIO… POWER ADAPTER + an empty slot for battery (without battery) So if I want to go mobile with my crystal clear digital radio I have to pocket out another not so small sum for the battery (special size)

I am cool with this magical nice radio for now (even without battery) because finally I able to enjoy certain stations which only available on DAB+ … for last 24 hrs I let the radio playing SBS Chill, a station which dedicated to play only world music. I believe I still have a few more great station to tune to.


Ray said...

I like, I've the Classic. Loved it. Problem the battery again, non std.

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