08 August 2012

Supplement Mad

Look at what I brought back to my apartment this afternoon after 2 hours shopping !


hahahaha….. Glucosamine and more Glucosamine….. Dollars GONE from my bank account … mmmm… credit card actually but a few peoples going to benefit from this heavy duty buy !

BTW… anyone know what is “KRILL” ????


Anonymous said...

Hullo Ah Tom,

Krill is a small crustacean that lives in the ocean (picture a tiny lobster). Whales and many other sea creatures eat krill. I guess their oil must good for people as well.

A friend showed me your blog. We both think it's great.

Keep writing,

Ah Tom said...

Hi Carlos, thanks for dropped by n sweet comment. Yes... Krill is a new supplement n the sales lady told me it act better than fish oil. Obviously it costly too. Will switch to Krill once I empty my fish oil.