23 August 2012

Beijing Street Side

Today put up here 3 photos I captured on the street of Beijing.

冰糖葫芦 or Candy stick (my own translation)

They are very common and look attractive. I was so attracted by the shape n color + sweet sugar coating, however I never spend a single cent on any stick because I think of the harm it could do to my fatty body.


Another stick that horrify me shown on below photo.n


Scorpion as food is fine for me BUT the little creatures on the stick in the photo still waving their tails while waiting to get BBQ.

Mr Vendors, you guys kind of cruel for this !!!

Last photo only can appreciate by peoples from BolehLand. A 100% China vendors selling some fried cakes but look at the labeling on the middle tray…. excuse me….. “Seremban” how to related with in international English ??? I also don’t know how to explain !!! 




Anonymous said...

1st photo juz reminded me of tvb ku chuang drama.hehe

2nd pic -- always hated to c such roadside stalls (like yr eg.) Its common in PRC cities.

Am glad u didnt c any foetus on roadside.

3rd pic -- translation is always fantastic (whether its fm (eng to mandarin) or vice versa. Am sure at toilet cubicle,, u c spelling errors as well as funny translations. sui

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