22 July 2012

Glory Day

It is winter still and suddenly the suppose to be cold weekend turn warm. Hot sun hang high on the sky at early noon…

Walking on the street can forget about the jumper and the flowers along the way became extreme gorgeous. 


Not only the above purple babe caught my eyes… the following white with light pink at the edge of the petals also hold me back to spend a few seconds appreciate them.


The good news is weather forecast claimed the next few days would be nice sunny too…. weeeee


Anonymous said...

purple daises! lov them. sui

Anonymous said...

Hi Ah Tom, I have just found your blog and I enjoy it very much!

I like your supermarket product reviews and your observations about daily life/gardens/cats are funny and charming!

I don't understand your blog title though. Please can you tell me, what does "salah" mean?

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, as a form of introductory, I am a close frenz of Tom. He asked me to explain to u Salah.. which means "wrong". alway wrong. hahaha.


Ah Tom said...

"SALAH" is a Malay word with meaning "wrong".. as Sui mentioned.
However, from the plc I used to live in.... we also put SALAH in other usage.
Example : I deco my home in my own taste which very different fm conventional style. My friend visit my place and her comment could be "Why your taste so salah??"
It doesn't really mean WRONG here but more like so odd or different from ordinary !

Anonymous said...

Hi Sui and Tom, oohhhh I see. Thanks for your explanation!