27 July 2012

A Chair than …. A…. WHAT ????

This is a chair…. a chair put on the street side all ready to be collect by bin truck.


Is that all ???  Of cos you already know I have more than one photo to show right ?

The smart Ah Tom spotted the unique feature of this old unwanted wooden chair….. and decided to prove himself not wrong….

A few quick touch here here there there… than the chair turn out to be ……. this !


My friend, it is worth a WOW look at your face ?? it definitely a WOW for me. From the design and condition of this 2-1 furniture, I am very sure it is age more than 20yrs… could be more as how often you see such a awesome tools right ?

I can’t do much on this abandon chair/iron board as I am still at work but my mind kept on telling me… if I let it there… it will end up buried under ground or burn in disposal center…. bad bad bad…

So this was what happened after 3 hrs !!!


This 2-1 furniture now sat at the back kitchen of an antic stuffs store, Scout House is the shop name. Told the worker there (the boss.. also my buddy off today) that I have such magnificent discovery and I hope they can salvage this chair. He said no harm to bring over and boss will decide.

What the crazy me did was put my bicycle at the shop, walked for 1 km to the location where the chair left… carried it and walked back to the store. I kind of sure the wood is a quality material because it weight more than 15kg. I really hope the boss will fix the chair and sell it to someone who appreciate it unique style.


Anonymous said...

OMG. tis chair will LOVE u like shit for yr effort.kakaka. sui

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