23 June 2012

Phoenix Eggs Toast with Golden Syrup

I just created a very high class name for my fried roti breakfast (the way MasterChef Australia producers named their contestants finished dishes began to have impact on my brain) and proudly present to you my nice nice breakfast.


A few 1st achievement from above attempt !

1) my roti were not baker (burned) Only the 3rd piece turned dark brown because I busy taking photos than.

2) arranged the breads in pattern pattern way because want to look nice in photo.

3) dare myself to pour in more oil into the pan before fried. Usually I reluctant to do so.


As for this close up photo… it’s specially dedicated to Ms Sui…. I used her honey (she gave me a few bottles in our last meeting) as dressing to my very present looking toast.


Anonymous said...

weeeeee. am so honoured ... my tiny honey !! ooi..Mar still June.. 3 mths! i tot long time ago into yr stomach liao.

I want yr tis bkf too!! yum.

u reminded me of ynite m class.. must use 3 days old good bread (impt) to fry french toast..he mixed grapefruit,honey& milk into a batter & dip the bread into it & then fry... hehehe.

Rmbr to c Beau ..in action of onions..damn cute w the goggles. sui

Anonymous said...

oops..chef got add eggs into batter mix aso..hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog and love your chirpy English style. Thanks for brightening my day :-)