24 May 2012

Vote for Voice Australia

I don’t do voting for reality singing show to support my favorite contestant because if I do so I have to pay from my pocket for each support vote I cast thru phone line or SMS. 

For Voice Australia, my favorite singer got additional vote thru me from today onward because the organiser have another zero cost way to let fan vote for their idol…. thru Facebook… and it is FREE !

I just voted for my favorite singer… Darren Percival for the 2nd half of semi-final. Steady lar 


The format allow each Facebook account to vote once a day… so I will be back again tomorrow for more support…  Weeeeeeeeeeeee

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

aiyo. we think alike. y day i wanted to ask u abt voting. Then I saw its 55c a vote. crazy. forget abt it. Now u infm me of tis FOC. ahahahaha.

hmmm, let me tink tink who to vote 1st. Sui