26 April 2012

Instant Fried Rice

Found this pack of express fried rice in my letter box this afternoon, a door to door free promotion give away. To Mr Rice, this pack surely an attractive product and cant wait to try it out.

2012-04-26 19.33.22

Which mean I had it as dinner tonight. Let me turned around the package and show you the cooking instruction.

2012-04-26 19.33.35

The easier way was heat it up in microwave for 90 secs and ready to eat. As for my first attempt, I simmer it using wok. I also added in some ham, 2 eggs and lot of vege. Here was my finished product.

2012-04-26 19.41.50

Smell good but taste not as good. Could be I added in too much water.

I took another pack from the letter box which have no occupation so I am going to try again making this dinner this weekend. weeeee

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