21 March 2012

Super good deal jab

Saw on local community newspaper that I could get influenza jab from a pharmacy nearby today, a type of campaign. I know if must be cheaper than usual so made it a point to be there after work.

Prepare to pay $25 for it (the article stated this price) but when at the casher, she said $22.50 only…. awesome… further discount. She also said normal price in clinic more than $40

In less than 5mins…. needle in and pain gone….. than oh, when all done … the pretty nurse point to the corner said gift set. You can take one. Ai yo…. not only get a discount jab, I even can carry away with a gift pack. Sure take mah

2012-03-21 15.48.29

When I settled down at home… than I reliased this pack is not that cheap at all…… a pink color neck scarf, a pack of pain relieves (6 tablets) , Liquid Vitamin D, Hand sanitizer, lotion for hand & the best is Women multivitamin….

So who want the last item ? Have to pay postage oh if you want it.

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