07 March 2012

Straits of Malacca at Prahnan

Look at the signboard of this restaurant at 247 Chapel Street, Prahran.

2012-03-06 19.03.47

Very straight forward telling peoples it serve Malaysian Cuisine. As for me, I expecting something like Nyonya dishes. Being thinking of trying this outlet since it start business few months ago but never step in because at weekend it kind of crowded and I don’t want to be so odd, 1 person occupied a table (after yest evening attempt, the boss said NO PROBLEM, just come in anytime you like)  

Interior deco kind of high class compare to normal Asian eating place. Nice display from one of the all.

2012-03-06 19.40.43

Was surprised by the price on menu, the dishes are pricing about 5-10% higher than other outlet. This mean if the foods is good, they can expect me to revisit very soon.

So this was what I had for my dinner !

2012-03-06 19.12.02 

Sambal fried fish with rice. Thru the plating, kind of appetizing right ? oh ya… the plate is damn huge alright…. I mean something like 1 1/2 ft wide. Wonder why need to be soooooo BIG !

As usual, uncle act friendly. Chat chat with waitress (Ah Leng, from Puchong) to get information. Than hello with lady boss (pretty woman fm Penang) Since I shown my BolehLand face + Penang Hokkien, lady boss happy happy gave me extra sambal for my dinner.

2012-03-06 19.21.19

Since she nice nice to me… so I nice back by gave her outlet free promotion thru my space (provided got peoples want to read this posting.. hehehehe)

Going back to try the fried noodle very soon…. more pic on the way.

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Anonymous said...

that fish in standing position !! sui.