16 March 2012

Power Saving

This is an energy saving adaptor, The Automatic way to Power Down AV Systems (copied from the packing label)  Product brand => embertec

What the applicant do is plug the TV supply connector to the green housing (for automatic turn off function) as for DVD players etc to black housing (this area will stay on as usual)

2012-03-16 05.39.08

The TV (which connected to green housing) Standby function will be totally off once I switch off my TV (previously it stay in Standby mode which according to the designer still consume energy when in this mode)

I got this garget fixed up to my TV set today…. with NO COST… Free… It was given to me FREE from a team of peoples which go door to door to give away this product. According to the person in this task, this garget was sponsor by energy company to help us cut down electricity usage.

I really amazed by the concept,,,, I mean spent so much $$ on such a garget but the main aim is to switch off TV or PC from sleeping mode !!  Not really practical…..

To get more information on this product, you can visit it homepage => http://www.greenmadeeasy.com.au/

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