23 March 2012

The plant for my future fence

IF I really have a landed property in future…. I already know what I going to grow for the strip along the edge of my garden…. ok… Dreaming time….. don’t laugh ah…

2012-03-21 13.46.15

This thick leaf, human high plant function as fence for many houses. The best of it is the small white flowers given out a very strong nice to my nose fragrance… it is something like Jasmine but to me… it is a level better than Jasmine.

2012-03-21 13.46.30

However, the plant do not flower all the time. I believe they only flower during end of summer to autumn. I said so because I only have the chance to enjoy the unique fragrance recently. mmmmm…..  I want them to be around me day in day out.

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