24 March 2012

Mr Woods’s Sunflowers

These totally gorgeous sunflower grown by Mr Woods, I pass by his front poach everyday and never fail to stop for a few sec to admire their beauty.

2012-03-16 15.21.56

Took these photos more than one week ago. Too busy, no time to load them up. As for now, they were no more as pretty… most of the yellow petals already gone.. left behind is the center core of the flower… which is the place where we obtain the sunflower seeds.

2012-03-16 15.22.11

The 2nd flower was the largest. Mr Woods looking forward to harvest some sunflower seeds from these badge of flowers and I believe he should be able to harvest some nice seeds from this big flower.

I am keeping a close eyes on the project. Will post up more picture if the seeds really appear after a few weeks. Stay tune !

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Anonymous said...

dun upload anymore flowers!!! c alr envy lar.sui