11 March 2012

Man corner & LCD TV

Why those creative designers always want to spend time thinking on how to deco the urine corner for man ? They had a frog or bull head printed at the bottom so we guy will channel all our force at the target.

And why I raised this subject ? Check out below photo I took for a restaurant gent toilet….

2012-03-11 13.23.08

No kidding… it is not a poster BUT a complete function able LCD tv at the leaking hotspot…… the news was on going when I am inside the toilet to WASH my hands. I lost my urge to pee after I figured out what happening with that corner.

Think about the feeling of those involve…

For the urine facility – He will said why you guy keep on modified me !

For the LCD tv – What ? Golden shower day in day out ! Pee Life !

For those persons appear on the program – Shit ! I keep on smelling urine all over my body !

2012-03-11 13.24.11

Where can you find this interesting toilet ? Just Google for the full address of The Baths at Brighton.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i like the creativeness ...

Designers who study art can truly show off their flair & creativity in such liberal country & the fact it was being recognised, used & paid for storming their brains.

I can imagine their happiness & satisfaction when they c it themselves. sui