02 March 2012

Freedom on Ad

One of the fun things of living in this part of the world is I have the opportunity to view interesting advertisement on media. Nudity and creativity are so common to me now BUT freedom for the advertiser to openly attacking each other products is always shocking to me.

For example, I saw below ad from yesterday newspaper.

(note : Westpac & NAB are 2 of the big 4 banks in the country)

2012-03-02 06.04.502012-03-02 06.04.59

Above ad spread at 2 pages in newspaper. Competitor name were clearly mentioned in the ad and they even have a mocking pic of bank executive don’t care face on display.

Ooop… shit… I have my banking account with Westpac leh ! And don’t worry… the bank so far serve me alright…. no complain…

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