04 March 2012

As Bare As You Dare 2012 Melbourne

Read of this event on newspaper last year so when I found out from Friday newspaper that the same event for 2012 will be have on 04 Mar (Sun), I totally thrill and determine to be there to witness the event.

Oh forget to intro, it was a kind of protest by public (but what they protest of I also not sure !!) The set a date and ask any peoples who like to join them gather in a garden, take of their cloth and jump on the bicycle and parade in the city to channel their message.

So come the first picture…. when they started to approach the ultimate assembly point, Victoria Parliament.


I was here 2hr+ in advance. Patiently waiting for them to reach here. Basically 90% have nothing on (only a few with undy) but they painted their body with nice colors

The gal nicely painted body caught my attention upon she came closer…


Look at the big love on her chest….. oop… breasts….

2012-03-04 16.38.16

Wonder how many of them ??? Let this final picture reflect the attendee.

2012-03-04 16.45.51

I treasure the opportunity of witness such a wonderful event… nothing much sexual about it when so many peoples go naked in same moment… it just pure fun and sharing…… mmmm…… maybe I would should be one of the rider in 2013….

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