12 February 2012

End Of Angry Birds Rio

I think my love/hate affair with Angry Birds Rio end on yesterday when I finally shot down the white parrot at the final set of the game.

I believe no more new update coming up because the latest update came on early last week have the last category fill up, No more space for future update.

These are the proof of my superb skill in Angry Birds !!!!



To get above result, I need to achieved 3 stars for each stage. Another interesting part of the game is collecting all the gold stuffs which could be really tough on certain design,

The challenge never kept me stay away in collected all the trophy…na….


One less game to play… more free time to do nothing.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

how come no valentine day birds? it wld b so cute if they invent each hit on the pigs,love shape comes out!! sui