01 February 2012

Cup Cake Story

Do not have the desire to type new posting since I back from vacation. In fact having this thought on yesterday night => Let stop blogging.

Suppose to be so… end of doing my stupid blogging BUT unexpected thing happened this morning. These angelic kids caught my attention and they made me want to put up their photo here to share with others.

2012-02-01 11.56.02

The story like this. The 2 pretty girls decided to make money by set up a small table at street side to sell cup cake. Not for charity but for fun (I asked them what u going to do with the money you made ? They said… buy things !)

They claimed they made these cakes (which I doubt) Due to their cute look, Petty Uncle decided to pocket out $3 to purchase one cake as support.  Note : The 2 boys came from nearby house. They just there to support the girls.

The story not just end like this. Red dress gal took my $5 note than pink dress gave me a cup cake. Action end there !! So Petty uncle asked “My change?”

Red Dress responded “U need?” Pink Dress started to dig coin box for me. Than Pink Dress gave me TWO $2 coins.

I shown it back to them and said “Are you sure ?” Pink Dress gone panic, immediately dug into coin box and put another $2 coins on my palm. By than I cannot hold on anymore but laugh out loud. I already consumed their $3 cup cake and still they gave me $6 back.

Uncle return back all the coins to them and told them what to give me in actual. Oh Gals, never learn on handling currency but still want to do business. Only you guys dare.


puzzling heart said...

thats one of the sweetest thing i have heard in some time....

Anonymous said...

can include into the blonde jokes of the day. sui