18 December 2011

Xmas soon

The very wonderful thing of celebrate Xmas in country with 4 seasons is you are allow to have a real Xmas tree in the living room.

Branches of fresh Xmas tree like below photo which I captured at commercial area can be found easily.

2011-12-17 09.02.24

The tree could go up to $250 if the size are bigger. Sooooo…. nice to have real plant in the house during the festival period right….. sound good until I heard from morning radio show on it downside…..

nah… this was what the comment I heard…. snails drop from the plant after moved into the room. Dog bark at the tree cause got mouse or possum hiding ontop. Not forget worms n inserts.

For me…. no fresh Xmas tree… just a plastic will do.  Smile with tongue out

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hahaha...that's the disadvantage of real tree!! for me, i am still faithfully using my 3 yrs old in perfect condition optics xmas tree. sui.