03 August 2011

Too much birds Poking

An ugly not so small pimples on my face……

2011-08-01_15-55-30_203 (640x600)

I am very sure it popping up due to my non-stop habit of playing Angry Birds (meaning lack of sleep thru out the weekend)

Is that all I was rewarded for my loyalty for Angry Birds ? No lor… I got more to show you…..

2011-08-01_15-56-33_683 (640x383)

Yah…. lip ulcer too…. ouch…. seriously very painful. Had it since Friday… layer n layer of Bonjela already coated on to reduce the sickening pain. It still up there till today but less painful now.

Having these type of syndrome (internal body heat) during winter ? hehehe… I know the reason behind this pain =>  lack of water… of cos lar…. i hardly drink water due to cold water frozen my throat (like real!!)

Already start to counter measure it by making cup after cup of hot water for breakfast… lunch and dinner (ooop… hate to visit toilet at mid-night)


Anonymous said...

alamak! slow down yr angry bird..aso no $ into yr pocket!! u think u get $250K like au a.race is it? Sui

Anonymous said...

abt toilet in winter...u guy cannot complain oh..stand will settle the job. We ladies...hv to sit on the damn cold cover seat & yr body will shiver of that moment!ok. Sui

Anonymous said...

bro,use salt to rub onto your ulcers.....hahaha..wil be shiokkkkk daoooooo
fm : JJ