12 August 2011

Story of Ice Cream

Today I want to story you on ice-cream business in KoalaLand.

This is a pack of ice-cream (with 8 pcs) in bulk form which I bought in supermarket. Normal selling price on the tag is $ 6-7 (however, I only paid $3 as the thrifty me only buy super discount stuffs) Smile with tongue out

2011-08-06 18.41.34

This mean on average, it only cost me less than $1 a pc even not on sales.

The strange thing here is if I pick up 1 similar brand such ice-cream from the nicely label ice-cream box of 7-Eleven, I easily have to pocket out $3-4 at the casher.

I don’t know why they have to mark-up so much higher than what can get in supermarket fridge ??? Thinking smile

The only different between supermarket lot and shop lot is the paper used to wrap the ice-cream. If I paid $3+, the ice-cream will be wrap by nicely printed colourful packaging but if I go for the supermarket lot… I got my ice-cream in black and white !!

2011-08-06 18.41.47

If you take a closer look, you can see the printing => NOT FOR INDIVIDUAL SALE … hehehe…. I interpreted it as CAN BUY, BRING BACK STRAIGHT and EAT AT HOME… kekekekeke

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