01 August 2011

F1 Hungary Race

Not much talking on F1 for a long period of time… especially thru my blog posting. Lost interest on the race due to few reason, mentioned… Michael Schumacher retirement (now he back on track again but always end up not winning) Ferrari not winning race…Red Bull keep on winning race after race…

However, my interest toward F1 slowly get back to the momentum again this year, especially recently month.

Yesterday Hungary round totally made me sitting at the edge of my sofa (which was a good sign because lately I just on the tv and walk around or worst.. playing Angry Birds )

RedBull team was no more leading the race… just like the week before (I am Sebastian Vettel fan but I also not enjoying see him won race every week) Ferrari engine is doing it work and McLaren cars turned powerful


The end result have McLaren, Red Bull and Ferrari drivers all on the podium. Super !!!  That’s racing….  and I enjoy the on going overtaking and tires management.

F1 finally wake me up and made me want to follow the sport again.

So I am all ready to watch the next race which will be return in 3 wks time.

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