15 July 2011

Super Friday

Today is a special day. Y said so ??  I don't know smile

1st, the temperature reading around the place I stay fall to 4C. Hey, this was the second time I found such low reading on my weather APP (last week captured this similar low reading too)


Than while I on the street, look up… FULL moon on the sky !

2011-07-15 06.17.52

I can’t remember I see full moon in this city since I arrived here…. so consider this is my first time.

2011-07-15 06.22.22

After this…. I came across another interesting experience. Misty morning. A thin layer of mist cover the entire city. I took a shot but not a good one because the mist could not be see clearly in this photo.

2011-07-15 09.27.31

So those guy in BolehLand or LionLand started to encounter blur blur HAZE recently…. I also have similar blur blur feeling.. only my is not the sickening HAZE ! hehehehehe

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Anonymous said...

the 2nd photo looks spooky..remind me of were wolf movie. Sui