30 July 2011

Roasted Eel Fish

A raw pre-marinated raw eel fish ready to get into oven as my main dish for lunch.

2011-07-30 13.55.13

Bought it at Asian groceries few days ago.  mmm….. the price is ok and this mean could not be made in KoalaLand. Printed under the label Made in PandaLand. ooh ooh…. wonder it is a real fish now ! 

After about 1hr in oven… Japanese style eel cooked… alright, over cooked ! hehehehe

2011-07-30 14.50.30

How it fair ? I grade it as ok. Not bad but have to be very careful of the tiny bones. Will get another pack the next time I see it in the store.

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Anonymous said...

240C,15-20 mins will do. Sui