27 July 2011

Return of Angry Birds

Don’t get angry with me when I start to blah on Angry Birds … I just can’t control myself to talk talk talk on these gang of birdy… they just toooooo cute to ignore Rolling on the floor laughing

I completed my target of re-match on Angry Birds (original) yesterday afternoon. Managed to get all 3 stars result up to stage 5 on Sunday (I reached this stage few months back before my phone got stolen)


When I checked back my overall score on above 5 stages…. I reliased that I scored higher points compare to previous attempt. Guess practise made perfect kua !

On Sunday afternoon itself I began my new experience on Stage 6, “Mine and Dine” Gosh, love the game format… darker background with jewels on based. Some of the games were really tough to crack. After hours of poking on the screen, I completed page 15 at the end.


Thought of continue to the following page n than saw this…


Hehehehe….. no more birds to beat for now…. waiting for new update … wonder when ????

Another reason for be so excited of playing Angry Birds was the collection of Golden Eggs.  Look at my eggs……


These are not all…. I can see more to come….. weeeeee

Next project => Angry Birds Rio !!!

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Anonymous said...

fainting spell!! NOT for me!! Sui (i short of time usage).. i wish there is 8 days in a wk..wif 3 resting day in a row.