13 July 2011

Majestic – Australia’s Got Talent

Suddenly I am in the mood to blog on tv show again… this time will be massive one… and the focus is on reality show from KoalaLand.

Let’s me start with Majestic, the beautiful husband and wife team from Australia’s Got Talent 2011. The amazed me with the mutual confidence they have in each others.

Performance on Audition

Carrying and turning and throwing around they wife…. she put lot of faint on him and he have to put up with her body weight too…. hehehehe

For the next clip, do take know of the beautiful “snake” twist she did on his body at the middle of the performance.

Performance on Semi-Final

I just watched the Top18 episode last night. One of the performance were by Majestic again…. and their skill getting better and much for polished. 

The clip is not up on YouTube yet…. I will try to load it here in coming day.


Cynthia Marie said...

Total Grace and Elegance. Wow!

Anonymous said...

Yes for me too..the majestic gymast performers. Its on youtube alreadi..semifinal 6..& result is shown out too...they continue whereas tap dancer boy is out.

In fact, lots more brilliant & stunning performancers...Clara,opera singer,Wayne(feather lady)like the MGM shows,Rock & Roll(like Hi-5 high sch girls, Belle Air - trapeze acrobats & Beau, the contortionist.

Can watch FOC, so gd...concert tickets exp. There performances are veri similar to those in voyage la vie performers at Rasa Sentosa.


Anonymous said...

i watch britian/america/thailand got talent too. hehehe.. u dun confine yrself to juz australia show lar.