16 July 2011

Knox Shopping Centre

Wee Wee Wee….. I made it to Knox Shopping Centre on this wonderful Saturday. Had being passing this mall for months (by car) but never go in, mainly due to no direct train stop and located at a suburban far from city centre.

To get there, I have to take a train for 30mins, jump on public bus for another 30mins… wow….. for return…. more than 2 hrs gone !!!

Glad for making this trip today because been curious about this place for so long….

2011-07-16 12.58.30

Like any other famous shopping mall in this part of world…. the complex have a big parking space….

2011-07-16 12.57.22

and wide open 2 storey building. Ya… a big shopping mall with only 2 storey. Need lot of land cause many shops inside. Wonder why the owner not as crazy as Asian designer which like to build a mall with 7 to 8 storey ??

2011-07-16 12.58.09

Usually the building designed into star shape, this mean i have to walk from centre one extended building than made a U-turn back to the centre than look for another new route to walk off again.

2011-07-16 13.04.34

2011-07-16 13.04.48

Am very satisfied with today long walked. Spent about 3hrs walking around the mall with no purpose to buy anything in particular but of cause I did end up with a bag of non-sense at the end. I can’t resist my hands from pickup those super bargain stuffs like battery, adaptors…

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