09 July 2011

I also want BERSIH (Clean)

Today, 09 July, Bersih 2.0 day…. I am not really sure what it is about but I know BolehLand gomen very scare of this rally which call by a group of peoples who don’t like the parties in BolehLand office.

The pro govt media played down the gathering in the city… so everyone thought only 1 or 2 guys turn up in the rally….

I was shocked when I picked up below 2 photos put up in Facebook by public…. wow…… not little leh….

Bersih 01

So could Bersih really make the gomen guys do a much more clean works after this event ?

Bersih 02

I doubt it would loh….  but good to know that peoples from different cultures and races can come together for a big party like this…..truly, sometime … Malaysia Memang Boleh (but a lot of time Tak Boleh Lah because those parties were organised by gomen mah)

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