19 June 2011

From 33C to 15C

Look at me… I successfully kept myself from blogging for a duration of 2 wks. I am not an addict ! Cheer Cheer Cheer…

Time to walk out from my self imposed hibernation…. Time to stop sweating, time to stop enjoy the hot warm sun, time to stop eating yummy foods, time to get back to the below 15C surrounding.

To D, sorry for not meet up with you for lunch. Busy mah.

To JJ, I really enjoy the little prank I put up on you. Loved to scare the shit out of you.

To Baileys, u are such a lovely miao…

To Mum, time to show your worth.

To U, everything from me.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Mr Tom,u really gave me a shock leh.nrv ever come across my mind that is you Ah Tom ....haha. (",)
Fm : JJ