22 May 2011

Root Samsung Galaxy GT-I9000T (thru SuperOneClick solution)

This posting is only good for Samsung Galaxy smartphone user. Put up this link with the intention to help other users reduce the pain of looking for ROOT solution.

(to root a smartphone is to enable user to access to the original system of smartphone. A unroot smartphone will prevent user to modify it core features like APPs which came with the set)

There are many ways to get a smartphone root. I used ODIN method on my first Galaxy (but it not working for my current set)

Most searched result brought me to One-Click Root method


It look smart and easy to use. Just a quick download follow by cable connection to phone. However, this solution don’t work with my set. After 2 wks of various attempt the end result will be the same. Can’t root the set.

I decided to make a desperate attempt on this Saturday which mean I click and ran any suggestion I could find on website to get my Galaxy root. After more than 20hrs of trying, curse, swear, slam phone, kick PC n jump of myself…. at least I found a solution. The guy who made this software named his product as SuperOneClick


It just took me less than 20mins to get my smartphone root and I am a very happy human by the end of the day. After I rooted my smartphone, I used a APP to remove all the useless APPs (which cannot be deleted on unroot set) They were those APP which only useful if I am attached to Telstra network.

I have paste the link of SuperOneClick downloading page on above photo. Do go to the homepage to read and understand the application before you start to user the software.

Happy Rooting !

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Anonymous said...

u r really 1 smart alex in mobile technology search.

I tot u had found how to jailbreak Android apps juz like many hv done it on apple apps. Sui