10 May 2011

MasterChef & Guys fm BolehLand


MasterChef is one of Australia top rating reality show and last week the local station launched the 3rd season of this popular cooking show.

The 3 very interesting judges will select contestants from all over Australia but they must not be a qualify cook in order to join the show.


Therefore, we can see contestants like lawyer, IT guys, housewife, accountant perform dishes that only a good chef could present. Mainly because these guys have great love toward cooking.

I have no idea how the original MasterChef show look like (still in BolehLand than) but I had watched 1/2 of last year show (Season 2)

A few weeks into the show (the station ran 6 shows in a week, as a fan… we have to watch till no time to do housework) I already a supporter for Alvin Quah (Season 2)


Not said he super good lar…. I bias a bit lor…. he is Made In Boleh mah…

However he got eliminated at the final few stages… than the winner for last year contest eventually go to Adam Liaw 

Adam Liaw MasterChef Contestants Reunite iPhone 3VZfBcA-658l

mmmm… Excuse me… LIAW ! Quick Quick checked his background… oh…. Australia born but father, Mr Liaw origin from BolehLand.. no wonder Boleh lar !


Okay…. forget about 2010… now jump to new season… 2011 which already reduced to final 24 contestants this week (from 50)

Thought last year BolehLand so strong, the producing team will block any contestant with Boleh passport from join the show….

Than last week this guy => Billy suddenly stood out from the crowd and impressed the judges with his dish.


He present Pork Belly dish….. wow lau eh…. before the host intro his background, I already guess he could be either from Boleh or Lion Land because how many people can handle pork belly right ?

Straight away he being picked and put into final 24 group. Sure he happy lar… and I am the want who suffer cause now I have to stick to TV 8hrs a week to give him support.

You guys could hear more about Billy thru this page if he progress alright in this year MasterChef challenge…..

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Anonymous said...

How to see this show on my PC? I am interested to see diff. professionals in their cooking skills.

Spore cooking is all mediacorp & TVB artistes. A bit bore liao. Sui